Friday, January 01, 2016

Celebrating the Love at the end of the year.

Celebrating the Love.
There were 10 wonderful people directly involved in the creation of these 10 rings toward the end of 2015.
Two couples who've designed their rings together and individuals who painstakingly described and designed a very special ring as a gift, or an offer of forever for their beloveds. And of course David and I were also very happily involved.  

Rosewood with Mother of Pearl and a Juniper heartwood ring
Touch Wood Rings

Man's tapered Blackwood Ring with a Purpleheart wood interior and three full moon inlays of greyed maple, Oak and Pink Ivory wood
Touch Wood Rings

 Black Walnut Wood Rings with Birch inlays, an Oak interior
and an inlay of crushed stone and sacred sage and sweet grass
Touch Wood Rings

Tapered Australian Blackwood Ring with wide inlays of Red Cedar and Eucalyptus
Touch Wood Rings

A size 10 figured Olive Wood Ring tapered from 9mm to 6mm
Touch Wood Rings

 Bethlehem Olive Wood Ring with a center inlay of Grenadilla Wood
Touch Wood Rings

Size 13 Figured and tapered Olive Wood Ring 
Touch Wood Rings

 Australian Blackwood Ring with an Oak interior liner 
and a single offset inlay of Eucalyptus
Touch Wood Rings By David Finch. Pioneer of the steam bent wood ring.

Wishing one and all a healthy and joyous 2016!
Much love from me and from David.

By David Finch
Pioneer of the steam bent wood ring.