Friday, March 31, 2006

A wooden ring for him ...

And she tells us he loves it!!
Tapered Koa wood ring with ash and cherry wood offset bands.

Alaskan wood rings

These blue spruce, koa and oak wood rings are winding their way north to Alaska!

Wooden rings with character

This Canadian couple wanted simple wooden rings with character! Here are the juniper heart wood wedding rings they designed.

Carpenter's wood rings

Oak Wood and Blue Spruce Rings for a couple of carpenters getting married in June :)

Blue spruce wood wedding rings

Wooden wedding rings for a lovely couple in New Jersey who are heading off to the Bahamas for their wedding on the beach. How romantic! These blue spruce wood rings have bands of zebra wood and juniper heartwood.

Environmentally responsible wedding jewelry

These striking juniper heartwood rings were created for a US couple seeking an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional wedding rings. Both rings are 8mm wide tapered to 6mm.

Birch Wood Ring with Braided Birch Bark band

This pretty birch wood ring is on it's way to Dallas Texas. This ring has a center band of braided birch bark. It is a size 5 1/2 and is 6mm wide. David can also braid some woods - juniper heartwood is one wood that will work as a braid.

Classic Wooden Rings

Classic Blue spruce and Koa wood rings ~ these lovely wooden rings are on their way to Malaysia. They are 5 and 7mm wide respectively.

Bird's Eye Maple and Beech Wood Rings

This couple from New York State designed these rings as symbolic of a common interest that brought them together. Beech and Maple are two trees they encounter on their hikes.

Cherry Wood Engagement rings with Juniper heartwood bands

Cherry Wood Engagement rings with Juniper Heartwood inset bands, designed by and made for a couple in Philadelphia. ~ A piano player and an artist ~

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dark walnut wood wedding ring

Man's Dark Walnut wood wedding ring. This ring is 10mm wide and slightly tapered.
After their July wedding, (and once they tire of the 'big city') this Canadian couple plans on returning to a simpler life.

Birch Wood, Koa and Maple Wood Wedding Rings

Birch Wood Rings with Koa and Bird's Eye Maple Wood bands. Touch Wood Wedding rings custom designed and handcrafted for a delightful young couple in San Diego.
"Oh my what a way to start my morning!!! I love the rings so very much - stunning job. Again this whole experience has been wonderful. It is also so important to us that our rings were created with such positive energy by such beautiful people. Thank you from both of us!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Wood Rings for a September wedding

Custom made wooden rings for a September wedding in New York...

This set is blue spruce wood with an oak knot band and a koa wood ring with a blue spruce band. Both rings are very slightly tapered.

Custom made wooden wedding rings

A Blue Spruce Wood Ring with a koa band and a Koa wood ring with a blue spruce band. 5mm wide and 7mm wide ~ designed by a young couple in Vermont after seeing a similar set of rings in our gallery of custom made wood rings.

Natural cherry wood rings with oak knot bands

These natural wood wedding rings are made of cherry wood and feature subtle oak knot bands. These wooden rings were lovingly designed by a couple in Wisconsin.

The wider ring is 10mm tapered to 5mm while the narrower ring is 5mm wide with no taper.

Handcrafted with love by David Finch ~ Touch Wood Rings. From Canada.

Friday, March 03, 2006

5th Anniversary wooden ring

Custom designed 5th year wooden anniversary ring now on a hand in Virginia. "The ring is absolutely gorgeous!! It's even prettier than in the pictures that you sent. I am amazed at how "delicate" and intricate it looks yet how durable it is. Thank you so much for such a beautiful creation. The process of desigining this ring, the research, talking with you, and of course the final masterpiece is something I will cherish for a lifetime."

Wear the warmth of wood ~ Touch Wood Rings

Juniper heart wood wedding rings

Custom designed juniper heart wood wedding rings.
Currently winding their way to a wonderful couple in Denmark.
" They look beautiful. We had to watch a slideshow of the process images many times. Thanks a bunch for the fine photos. We do like what we see, it looks marvellous. Again: thanks for the swiftness and clarity of your emails. Getting well-written email is not an everyday event."

Juniper heart wood ring

Wide tapered juniper heartwood ring, just because . . . now at it's new home in Colorado.
"I got my ring yesterday and i absolutely love it! It is so strong and beautiful and the colors are gorgeous! Everyone in the office remarked how pretty it was and that they'd never seen such a ring. It fits and looks perfect."

See more examples of Juniper Heart Wood Rings at Touch Wood Rings.

Touch Wood Engagement Ring

Koa wood engagement ring with a bird's eye maple band - enroute to New Jersey.

Touch Wood Wedding Rings

Blue Spruce Wood Ring with a koa band and Koa wood ring with a blue spruce band. Custom designed wood wedding rings. En route to a lovely couple in the UK. Made with love by Touch Wood Rings.