Saturday, December 03, 2011

River stone, Willow, Black Walnut and Love

Tim and Charley sent their own stone to be incorporated into their wooden rings.  The stone was from a local river in the Toms Creek Basin of Southwest Virginia.   They were such a pleasure to work with.  We began our conversations back in July, and David made their rings in August.   Another lovely couple with very kind words for us ~ Thanks So much to you both!

In October Tim writes ...
"Hi Nicola and David!   I am very sorry for the long silence. We did indeed receive our rings without incident, but immediately moved Charley out to Colorado and so life got away from me for a while.
The rings are beautiful; true works of art. we both love them! They really capture a lot of the essence of our relationship: light, gentle, but with a core of strength and solidity. And the contrast of the willow and our river stone against black walnut is perfect - exactly what I had hoped.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work in crafting these rings. Although Charley and I are 1500 miles apart for now, I feel like the rings give us a tangible symbol of our connection. We often send snapshots of them back and forth, just as little reminders. =) 
Anyway, we are both very grateful to you for your craftsmanship and artistry, and are recommending you to all of our friends! Charley and I both treasure our rings; our thanks again to you and David for bringing them to life and for the care and love that you put into their creation!
Peace to your both, Tim"