Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Walnut wood ring with natural knot and blue spruce liner

Walnut Wood ring with a natural knot and a blue spruce wood liner just delivered to Colorado.
"The ring is beautiful! It was delivered this morning! I can't believe how cool the knot is. Totally has a heart shape to it which is such a neat feature. David does a wonderful job. Thanks for working with me. Take care....stay warm....breath deeply for all of us here stuck in the city for now......"

Wear the warmth of wood ~ Touch Wood Rings.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Custom made wooden rings

TOUCH WOOD RINGS the website

Welcome to Touch Wood Rings 'the blog version'. This blog is not meant to replace our website but rather to supplement it. Since all our rings are custom made, no two are ever the same. We thought this blog format would be a great way to quickly display our latest wooden rings.

Every ring David creates is designed by someone for someone. Each piece of wood that is used to create a ring is a tiny fingerprint from nature... distinct in colour, grains and markings. Nature provides an amazing canvas in wood; David fashions the canvas into works of art.

It is always a pleasure to work with folks who are designing a wooden ring for someone they love. The people we make wooden rings for are the most wonderful people!! More often than not, these are people who are commited to making a difference by making ethical choices.

Just recently, Lynsey wrote:
"I got my ring today... It's amazing to see the real thing after just seeing pictures of it. It's a piece of such delicate craftsmanship. When you see the real size it's even more impressive that David can make these. We both think it's gorgeous. I love the different grains of the three woods and the contrasting colors. And even more I love that I can wear it with a clear conscience about the environment. I'm using it to replace my gold wedding ring. Plus for me trees and nature are such spiritual things, and so I can't think of a material I'd rather wear to represent my sacred bond with my husband. Thank you so much!"

And this letter from a couple who designed their own wedding rings:
"Dear David & Nicola, Just wanted to Thank You for our wood rings. They are beautiful and we love them! We mentioned this before, but thank you for the work you do. You offer a great alternative to gold and we strongly stand against the environmental impacts on communities around the world due to mining. We believe in leading a sustainable life and our wood rings are a wonderful way to explain to folks the "true" price of gold. Someday we hope to teach our children about living a simple life and pass our wedding bands onto them as well."
Some time ago, a client thanked us for 'starting a revolution in a jewelry industry riddled with bad karma'.
(see 'What folks say about our wood rings and our service')

David and I are proud to offer a finely crafted and beautiful alternative to traditional rings.
We invite you to visit Touch Wood Rings.
Our gallery includes more than fifty examples of our custom made wooden rings. You'll find all the information you need to begin designing a wood ring you will love.
We look forward to working with you!
With warmest regards
Nicola and David Finch
Touch Wood Rings
British Columbia, Canada

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We invite you to visit our website and gallery of custom made wood rings. Thanks for dropping by.