Saturday, April 30, 2011

A spring sky, a wooden ring and kind words

A Spring sunset over the meadow
and a Touch Wood Ring of Greyed Maple and Ancient Kauri
commissioned by a lovely fellow who was just great to work with and,
who had some very nice things to say! Thanks Sam.

" The ring is just as amazing as I was expecting it to be. The fit is absolutely perfect, and the packaging is a very nice touch :)
I can't explain how in awe I am of you and David's art.
Thank you so much for your help, patience, and flexibility. Your customer service should be a model for how business is supposed to be done; never once did I feel pressured or rushed. Every stupid question was answered with kindness, and in a timely manner. The entire process was painless and ended in my complete satisfaction. I will recommend your service to anyone I know looking for a unique ring. The inscription is beautifully done and very subtle. I could not have asked for a better finished result."

With our very best wishes for your continued happiness Sam and Lynn!
As ever, Nicola and David