Monday, March 22, 2010

Wooden Rings and a song of Spring.

This is where your Touch Wood Rings are 'born'.
It's where we work and live and play. If you haven't already; I invite you to visit our personal blog (The Homestone) for photos David and I take of every season, and the birds and animals who call this place home.
Spring is such a glorious time of year ~ anywhere it occurs ~ I can't resist sharing a few pics with you here, on our wood ring blog! It's Spring on the meadow, Spring on Mackin Pond.

It's the 21st of March and the willows are vibrant! Their reds and oranges and browns bursting with catkins. Here is a tiny Touch Wood Ring (Size 3.5) made of willow with inlays of rosewood and grayed maple. (This willow wood ring was designed by and created for Stephanie.)

It's a beautiful thing ~ this explosion of pussy willows and the return of our feathered friends. Already there are well over a hundred Red Winged Blackbirds and the 'girls' have yet to arrive. The male Blackbirds melodic conversations are mesmerizing.

Surrounded by the ever changing beauty of nature as we are; it would be impossible not to be inspired by it.
Here are a few of David's latest Touch Wood Ring creations.

Rosewood Rings with inlaid quartz, commissioned by and created for Denise and Brent.

Grayed maple wood rings with Australian Blackwood ~ designed by and created for Colin and Leigh.

Dark Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings with Oak inlays.
Australian Red Gum Wood Ring with a Maple wood liner and an inlay of Malachite.
A tapered Juniper heartwood Ring with a Koa Wood Liner and a Grayed Maple Wood ring with Hawaiian Koa inlay.
An African Black Wood ring set with golden koa bordering an inlay of Malachite and Azurite.
While we were away this month visiting family in the Similkameen Valley, David got another large piece of beautiful Juniper heartwood from his brother Sid.

Here is another example of a Touch Wood Ring (for Naomi) made of Juniper heartwood.

And with that, it's time to get back to my emails and all the folks we have the honour and privilege of working with. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for your patience while we took some time away. Till next time ~ be well and enjoy a moment or two of the blackbirds in concert on a little spit we call the island.