Saturday, March 01, 2014

Best Friends wed at Cedar Rock.

Marian and Cody

Early in 2012, a delightful fellow by the name of Cody chose to work with us on creating an engagement ring for his beloved.  Cody put a great deal of heart and thought into his design for Marian.  For lots of different reasons, he decided on black walnut, red cedar and juniper wood with a center inlay of jade and sacred grasses.  
About a year later Marian wrote to talk with us about creating a ring for her beloved.  A wedding was planned.

"I am so happy to be marrying my best friend, and the best person I know.   I was overwhelmed by the thought that he put into my ring, and I want him to have one made with just as much love.  I chose black walnut because I love the dark color on mine, and the way it stands out against the skin, and we talked about having them match a little bit.  Cody grew up on a farm – it’s still in the family and it’s where we’ll be married in October.  His father, who passed away 14 years ago, named it Cedar Rock Farm, for the twisted cedar trees growing up out of the granite slab.  That’s why he chose the cedar for my ring, and I like the idea of having something so close to the heart worn close to the skin."

Thus; Cody's ring was born.
We encouraged Marian to send her ring back for a wedding buff up and some TLC at the same time David would be making Cody's ring. 
"The rings arrived yesterday, and they are perfect!  Cody's fits beautifully, and mine is just like new. Perfect timing, too, as the wedding is now just 4 weeks away!  Thank you so  much, we couldn't be more happy!
Marian and Cody"
And they were wed.   
Marian sent us some beautiful pics from their celebration ... and this note:  
"I've been meaning to write to you for ages and let you know how great the wedding was and how much we love our rings!  Everything about our wedding was completely us, from the party to the rings. I'm attaching some pictures for you guys. Thanks again!  Marian"

Best friends joined in love and headed off on their life journeys together.  David and I were humbled and honored to work with Marian and Cody and we wish them both tremendous happiness in the days and years to come.  Thanks so much to you both and bright blessings !!