Saturday, May 18, 2013

Touch Wood Rings; Art and Sustainability

 Wooden engagement ring custom made by David FinchThe ring you crafted is beautiful - it combines art and sustainability with a personal touch. Your artistic skill, in concert with my partner’s creativity tailoring the design, has made for a wonderful gift. It is simply amazing that a small shell we found on the beach of Costa Rica could be incorporated into this wooden engagement ring. Both my partner Dave and I appreciate your beautiful work. Warm regards, Olivia

Earlier ~ Dave had written, " Our Touch Wood Ring arrived the day before yesterday and wow, it is is amazing. I am so excited for Olivia to see it. It is incredible to see the shells I've been hiding for a year appear in such a beautiful (wooden) ring.

The two woods provide an excellent contrast. It's better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much. Thank you again for your attention through this process and please pass on my appreciation to David for his work.
Thank you, Dave"

(Olivia's Touch Wood Ring is made of 50 year old black walnut from a certified Century Farm and wood from a branch of 150 year old Post Oak with an inlay of their Costa Rican shells. )