Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The 'Thinking of Each Other' Tree

I want to share a set of Touch Wood Rings David created recently that included some very personal material to incorporate as subtle inlays.

Ethan and Amy's Redwood Rings have Cherry wood interiors and specially sent Acacia Confusa Root Bark which they requested David use for their inlays.  They kindly left the remainder with us to spread around our home for some good energy. 

If it's anything like Amy and Ethan ~ then it definitely has good energy. Thanks you guys!

I did a bit of a search and found a company called 'Eternity in a Box'.  They had some interesting information on the Acacia Confusa.  From their website: "Acacia Confusa is sometimes referred to as the ‘Rainbow Tree’ or the ‘Thinking of Each-Other Tree’ in Taiwan where they grow naturally.  These trees are originally native to Taiwan, though were brought to the Pacific region years ago. They grow vigorously in Hawaii and are even considered of a higher medicinal value than the Taiwanese native trees.
Acacia Confusa has been used in traditional Taiwanese medicine to help heal blood disorders as well as for detoxification. The more mystical application involves preparation into an Ayahuasca-like brew, and has been utilized for visionary and spiritual purposes."