Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Enduring and eternal love ...

We did it! We're married!
And... the rings were beautiful! I've attached some pics of us, the rings, and the ring bearer just for fun! Enjoy! :)

The rings were (and are) absolutely perfect!
Thank you again!!! Jie & Annaliese

What lovely human beings these folks are. From their first email to us back in January 2011,
they have been such a pleasure to work with.

Blossoms on you Annaliese and Jie and Thank You!!

Jie and Annaliese designed their rings with an interest in the metaphysical properties of their stones and woods. Their Touch Wood Rings are a combination of Ancient Kauri wood, Birds Eye Maple Wood and stone inlays combining raw emerald, sapphire and rose quartz.

The Chinese idiom they chose for their inscriptions were also really important and special to them. Jie explained that all four tones of modern Mandarin are represented in this short four word phrase which is the first line of verse seven of the Tao Te Ching.
tiān cháng dì jiǔ

Literally translated: Long-enduring Heaven and Earth ~
Enduring and Eternal Love.

May it ever be thus.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Happy Anniversary to a couple of old friends

We recently received this most welcome email from old friends; a lovely couple from Ohio who we worked with in 2009.

Melanie writes ...
"While David was making our rings, I don't think I ever told you why we opted for wood instead of metal. Getting married was a big stretch for me - I come from a family with close to a 100% divorce rate (on both sides!), and the whole idea really scared me. I finally decided that we could make it work, but I still balked at getting traditional-looking rings. I wanted our marriage to be different from the other marriages I had been around, and so I wanted our rings to look different, too!

For me, they are a visual symbol of the wonderful marriage we have created, and the hope that our lives together will be filled with happiness and love. Every time I look at my ring, it's like a little reminder that we choose our own destinies. The fact that they were handmade by such wonderful, unique people is just a delightful bonus. We are just coming up on our 2-year anniversary this October, but I'm already planning for a 10-year anniversary wood ring! : ) "

Thanks so much Melanie~ And Happy Anniversary to you and Russell!

Sending our love, as ever
and our warmest wishes for your continued happiness.