Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wood Rings and Bright Blessings.

Back in March of this year, we had a lovely first contact from Emily and Peter. Emily wrote:
"My partner Peter and I are getting married this August and have been thinking about wedding rings. We've enjoyed exploring your website, learning your story, and admiring the beautiful rings! We really appreciate you commitment to a sustainable livelihood and rings."

While we got to know each other, we learned that Emily was just finishing up her dissertation on communities transitioning from fossil fuels toward local economies, while Peter was working with an alternative energy company.  They both love gardening, bike riding, the outdoors and enjoy time with their friend and families.    

Peter and Emily decided on Magnolia Wood for their rings; hers with a narrow offset inlay of turquoise, jade and eliat stone. Their celebration was in August and they sent us a lovely note shortly after their wedding with a few photos that they've kindly agreed we may post.

"Thanks so much for the wonderful rings! Our ceremony was this past weekend at a nearby hostel/farm, and it worked out wonderfully. David (he and Alison also have Touch Wood Rings) led a part of the ceremony in which the rings were passed among our guests and blessed by each one of them - it's really great to have the thoughts of our closest family and friends with us all the time.
Here are some pictures from our wedding (the rings, us, and us wearing the rings with David and Alison's youngest child Yonah).
Thanks again - we love them!  Peter & Emily"

Our love and very best wishes go out to Emily and Peter as they move forward together into a bright future.  Another dynamic, intelligent, loving couple who have committed to each other and to making a positive difference in the world.  Bright Blessings to you both.  We look forward to great things from you.

Friday, September 06, 2013

A manly wooden ring for a true gentleman

The people who come into our lives and commission a wooden ring are the most wonderful people. I am delighted to share some of Timothy's comments as we worked together on his ring.

The Design phase:
"I was looking for a bit of a wide ring - 'manly' but not a doorknob..."

The Work in Progress phase:
"Guys - it's beautiful. I know it isn't finished but I really just wanted to let you know that. Very few times in my life have I imagined something and the end result matched exactly what I wanted. I love it."

Upon it's Arrival:

"o.... I just got a little package in the mail this afternoon. My ring is absolutely beautiful. Although it pains me to allow it to sit and acclimate for the next few weeks I know it will just mean our relationship will start slow and steady.  It is everything I hoped - you two are amazing human beings and I have loved working with you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me - the ring, the beauty of your characters and the communication.... I will definitely be back.  Thank you so much. "

Timothy.  David and I can't thank you enough. It's been a real joy working with you and talking with you (we have so enjoyed your spirit and sense of humor). If you ever make it to our neck of the woods or are even considering a trip to British Columbia, do let us know ... we would love to meet you in person and there is always a spare bed, or a cabin and meals to share... Take care of yourself and we look forward to hearing from you again. Thanks so much!  Nicola and David