Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wildlife and Wooden Rings

We are really enjoying our moose this winter.  After the wildfires in 2010 we didn't see these guys much at all.  It's so cool to wake up in the morning to find a couple of moose bedded down in the snow waiting for the sun to hit their backs before they rise. 
We don't pass up any opportunity to take wildlife photos and our moose are pretty comfortable now with us moving about and doing what we do.

Besides wildlife, one of the other things I love to photograph is a brand new wooden ring created by my amazing husband; the man who pioneered and introduced the steam bent wood ring.  And he really is amazing.  Not only did he "start a revolution in the jewellery industry" as a very early client predicted; but our off grid comfort is due in large part to his knowledge, creativity and ingenuity.

And, every ring that David creates has a real and wonderful person at the other end, each with a love story and a good, kind heart.
People we have the great pleasure of getting to know.
People who become friends.
Black Walnut Wood Rings with birds eye maple and Jade 
 We are honoured and humbled to work with each of you.
 Black Walnut wood ring with Post Oak and Mother of Pearl
 I love this Touch Wood Engagement Ring.  
It's a gently tapered Century Walnut Wood Ring 
with 150 year old Post Oak interior 
and a Mother of Pearl inlay.
Black Walnut, Greyed Maple and full moon inlay
Here's a Walnut and Greyed Maple Wood Wedding Ring 
with a full moon inlay of Cole's own crushed stone.  
I really like this design ~ it's such a classy ring for a guy.

Another wood ring created for a groom-to-be
from Cherry and Juniper heartwood ~ two of my favorite woods. 

Cherry Wood Ring with juniper heartwood inlay
  Below is a commissioned African Blackwood Ring, 
with inlays of Golden Koa and Cherry Wood.
This ring has an interior liner of Birch Wood.
African Blackwood Ring with Cherry Wood and Koa inlays

Our tremendous thanks and love 
to the folks who commissioned these wooden rings;
Ashlee, Shaun, Dan, Cole, Dani and Erica!

Oh, and one more... just for fun
This is a West Coast Arbutus Wood Ring with a mixed stone inlay.
West Coast Arbutus Wood Ring with stone inlay
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