Monday, June 19, 2006

Man's juniper heart wood ring

This ring is a size 12 ~ 6mm wide. Spectacular Juniper heartwood with a blue spruce band. On it's way to Iowa.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Braided Juniper heart wood ring

This ring has a braided juniper heartwood band. It is not carved. David prepared 3 thin strands of juniper and braided them by hand to create the inlaid band for this beautiful koa ring. This is a tiny ring (just under a size 4) and 5mm wide.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Stone and Wood Ring

A ring of love.

The gentleman enlisted the help of his Dad who sent us three kinds of wood from the family farm. Oak, cherry wood and walnut.

The couple decided on two of these woods to use for her engagement ring.

They had found a crystal on a hike they had taken and wanted to somehow incorporate a bit of the stone. David crafted the ring of walnut and oak wood they sent us and embedded the center band with crushed stone from the found crystal. The ring is a size 6 and 4mm wide.

"Wow!! The ring is absolutely beautiful! My parents really enjoyed seeing the ring and were really impressed by it. Thank you so much making this beautiful ring that we can now have to show our love for each other. We can't express to you enough how grateful and blessed we feel to have it. I guess the next thing that we will have to set up are the plans for the wedding bands."

Man's wood wedding ring

Man's light blue spruce wood wedding ring with two koa bands. 10 mm wide tapered to 7mm. Size P (UK).

Wooden rings for a Fall Wedding

"We received the rings yesterday and we do LOVE them, indeed. They fit perfectly and are even prettier than we thought they'd be. They are so light and comfortable and simply perfect. Thank YOU so much for sharing your gifts and being such sweet people. We have told many people about your work and everyone who has checked out your website has been totally impressed. It has been so wonderful to work with you and again, we greatly appreciate, admire, and respect the way you live and the energies you return to this earth. So, thank you, and good wishes to you always. Peace, love and respect. "
Koa Wood Rings with dark toned Juniper heart wood bands and maple liners. Hers was size 6.5 and 8mm wide. His size 10.5 and 10mm wide. Both rings were slightly tapered.

Wood rings for Vancouver BC couple

Hers ~ Juniper heartwood ring with two spiraled bands; sitka spruce and cherry. Size 7 3/4, 6mm wide. His ~ Juniper heartwood ring. Size 10.5 and 7mm wide. Slightly tapered.

This couple from Vancouver, British Columbia wrote: "They are absolutely beautiful and we are so happy. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for all your hard work. They feel and look so perfect. Thank-you again, we love them, and they are a great symbol of our love for each other and our respect for the earth."

Maple Wood and Blue Spruce Wood Rings

Hers ~ A Maple ring with a 1mm spiraled blue spruce band. Size 6.5, 4mm wide. His ~ Blue Spruce ring with a 2mm spiraled maple band. Size 8 and 5mm wide.

This Colorado couple wrote:
"We were both amazed at the finished product. I was very nervous about trying it on. I had convinced myself that I was sized incorrectly, and I'd be heart-broken to have to wait on a new ring. She slid hers on, and loved it. After some convincing, I hesitantly put on my ring. It slipped onto my finger like I'd been wearing it for years. I had to fight the desire to wear it for the rest of the weekend.
Thanks so much! The rings are beautiful, and so much more than we anticipated."