Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A happy ending

A heartwarming email from Mary Lou with a very happy ending! This is the link to the wood ring her story is about. http://warmthofwood.blogspot.com/2007/03/wood-ring-from-orchard.html

The absent minded Professor and the great finish

Hello from Goderich:
I just have to share this story with you, especially now that we have a happy ending. As you might know, my husband John, the wearer of the most loved and admired wood ring, teaches at the University of Western Ontario two days a week. This is an hour and a half drive from our home, making his departure time 6:15 AM.

He is in the habit of having everything ready the night before to ensure a smooth exit in the morning. Clothes are layed out, briefcase is packed and waiting by the door, and said wedding ring is attached to his watch ready to put on after the shower.

This Friday past, John came to me, in tears and said, "Love, I've really screwed up, I've lost my ring." He was absolutely devastated. His recollection of the previous Monday was that, he grabbed his lunch, his coffee, his briefcase and put his watch/ring in his jacket pocket. When he arrived at his office and reached for the ring/watch, it was not there. Thinking that it had fallen out of his pocket on the way, he retraced his steps through the campus, back to his car, made a thorough search of the vehicle and surrounding area and carefully searched the ground all the way back to his office.

No ring.
Speculation sets in...Did I leave it at home? ... Did someone pick it up? ... Will I find it in the lost and found?

This happened on a Monday morning and every morning following, John would awake at 4:52 AM not and not being able to sleep would set about searching every inch of the house, every inch of his car and retracing his steps over and over. Several calls and visits to the lost and found on campus resulted in nothing. I felt that the ring was still in the house, and conducted my own searches, but turned up nothing.

Monday evening, a week since the loss, we went up north to spend the night, and shut down the cottage for the season. We arrived back home about 5:00PM Tuesday afternoon. I opened my car door, prepared to step out, and what was lying on the ground beside the driveway on the neighbours lawn... "Oh my God!" "What is it love?" "Come here."

After the ensuing jubilation of recovering the ring and watch, which had sat on the ground for nine days in the rain and wind, John remarked, "That must be one hell of a good finish on that ring."

Thank you for your fine craftsmanship, and feel free to use this story to promote your wonderful wood rings.
Yours in Goderich and thankfully so.