Friday, August 29, 2014

Oak Wood Rings

"In the acorn lies the Oak."
'And in the Oak tree; the Rings.' 

Each of the Touch Wood Rings showcased here incorporates Oak Wood.
There is so much variation in every wood and David (in my humble opinion) has such an artistic eye for exposing the unique beauty in each piece of wood.

Todd's ring is made from a small branch of 150 year old Post Oak, the interior liner is Maple.

Every Touch Wood Ring is commissioned and custom designed and each ring is individually hand crafted by the Pioneer of the steam bent wood ring ... my beloved; David Finch. He's been creating wooden rings for over a decade now and we have developed a wonderful family of Touch Wood friends from all over the world!  We are well and truly blessed...

These rings were created for Nick and Tara with Birch, Oak, Blackwood, River stone and wintergreen leaf.
Rings incorporating Oak Wood

Samuel's ring was made of Cherry wood with a Natural Oak Knot inlay
Greyed Maple Ring with a wide Oak Inlay for Daniel.

Adam's wider, tapered Ring of Solid Oak with a featured knot.

Jennifer commissioned this Slightly tapered Oak Wood Ring for her beloved.
Tapered Oak Wood Ring

Maple rings with oak inlays including natural knots for Melissa and Marc

On our website we have a page called the 'Meanings of Woods'

Many of the folks we create wooden rings for choose a particular wood mindful of it's mythic or spiritual properties. I'm not suggesting I have any particular knowledge of these qualities, but I have done a good deal of research over the years and have shared some of what we've learned with you.
"Oak is often described as the most sacred of trees. It carries the energy of kingship and wise rule, personal sovereignty, authority, power, protection, sealing or opening doors, endurance, and invocation of wisdom, fertility, and abundance.  

Sometimes called the "King of Trees". Oak is often associated with strength of character and endurance as well as protection, strength, success, and stability.  It has been called the Celestial tree of the Druids (Celtic)."

Sam's Tapered Oak ring with an inlay of Hawaiian Koa and full moon inlay of the same Oak.

 Light toned Oak with a butterscotch amber full moon inlay created for Maureen.

Jackie's Oak wood ring with an arbutus inlay and an interior liner of Eucalyptus

Jeff and Alison's Oak rings with Cherry wood interiors.

In my next Wood Post, we'll look at the world of Hawaiian Koa Wood and how David has turned this awesome wood into a kaleidoscope of beautiful rings.   We look forward to hearing from you anytime and thanks so much for dropping by!
Warmly, as ever