Thursday, April 10, 2014

On the brink of Spring

April 10th on the Meadow ~ where Touch Wood Rings are born and where Spring is just beginning to appear from under her winter blankets.
There is still about 16 inches of snow on the meadow.  Soon though it will melt into a 'lake' on the hay fields and we'll see the arrival of our ducks and shore birds and geese who make good use of this temporary body of water while we make good use of our digital cameras.  
These Sandhill Cranes have been here a few days now.  Normally there would be more dry ground and more open water but they seem content enough.   Come spring our photo files really fatten up.  It's most enjoyable to spend half an hour, an hour ... shutter bugging away at all the new life.  Flora and Fauna.  

And then there are the new creations (all through the year) that emerge from David's workshop.  Created with love for couples deeply in love.
These hand crafted Touch Wood Rings are Australian Red Gum and Greyed Maple Wood with a Lake Superior Thomsonite inlay. 
The juniper heartwood ring set below have multiple full moon inlays which were specifically requested to be scattered and of different sizes : )  David's prefers precision and symmetry  so this was stepping outside his comfort zone ~ something I believe we should all do now and then.
Out of doors; our wee log cabin is almost ready to receive guests.  
One or two people at most could cozy down in this tiny abode.
 We bought a little wood stove for it that is all put together, but not yet installed ... the cabin needs a good spring cleaning and a few pieces of furniture.  It has just been moved (David is an amazing mover of buildings) from it's old location by the mill yard to this spot at the edge of the creek.  When the weather is right; it will make yet another jump, over the creek to what we call the point.  Slightly higher ground, a little more private and there it will overlook the creek and the back fields.
 Another set of recent rings ~  Cherry Wood, Cedar and American Ash.  Laura's ring has a mixed inlay of Amethyst and Mother of Pearl.
Kent and Laura chose their woods to match the beautiful canoe Kent built a few years ago.

Laura and Kent will be wed on July 9th this year.  We wish them and their faithful pooch Esker smooth waters and happy trails ~ ever after.

And so it is ... with gratitude and joyful hearts ~ we perch on the brink of spring. Thanks so much for dropping by! Till next time.