Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Loves and their Touch Wood Rings

We connected with Amanda and Taylor in March of 2015.  We have gotten to know each other pretty well over the months! I've been talking with these two beautiful women for so long, they really do feel like family now. Taylor works in theater and Amanda is a potter; they are talented, delightful, bright, positive women. 

They recently sent us some beautiful photos from their celebration in New Orleans ~ and this wonderful email. 

"We are married now! Legally!  In the United States of America!  WOOHOO!!! 
The day was magical and calm and full of joyful celebration! 
Our photographer; Elizabeth Ray made 4 hours of photos so much fun!  

Instead of taking one of each others surnames, we made an entirely new name for a few reasons. First and foremost, we are making a brand new family and we wanted to pick something that was simple and easy to spell and understand. We wanted something that symbolized our special bond. We also believe that 2015 was a historic year for this country and we wanted to represent that in our marriage. 
This is why we chose the name Love. 

We both knew of Touch Wood Rings before we even met, so deciding on rings was fairly easy. We wanted something unique, meaningful and made with love. We also didn't want to go into debt to get married, because that's not what it's about. 

Juniper heartwood Rings with spiraled inlays of Pecan and Redwood

The whole process with Touch Wood was absolutely divine. It was important to us to know where our rings were coming from because these are a symbol of our union, for life! 
We loved corresponding with you, Nicola, and always looked forward to the pictures you sent of your beautiful land. 

When we put the rings on for the first time, we knew we had made the perfect decision. Only myself and Amanda have these rings, there is not any other ring out there like the ones we have. They are one of a kind, just like our love! Thank you for putting so much heart into your work, it is VERY apparent! Our friends and family are awed by them too!  Many many Love Blessings!! Taylor and Amanda Love."

The Loves, their Rings and some New Orleans Macaroons

 David and I wish you both tremendous happiness and a lifetime of Love and Laughter!! May all your dreams continue to come true. XO