Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Oak Tree and their Wooden Rings

I received an email from a woman yesterday, an initial inquiry.  Toward the end of her email she wrote "I think what ya'll do is wonderful.  I bet you are both blessed with gratitude from your customers."  She couldn't be more right.  We are tremendously blessed with gratitude.  And we are so very grateful.  Thank you
We're grateful to Kitt and Joseph. . .
Joseph designed and commissioned an engagement ring for the light of his life this past summer.  He was so great to work with, and now we have the pleasure of talking with Kitt too as she and Joseph design their wedding bands. 

Of her Touch Wood Engagement ring Kitt wrote; "Dear Nicola and David, I've never seen a piece of jewelry so perfect, delicate, rich and gorgeous. The warmth of the oak is breathtaking, and the turquoise inlay truly sparkles- especially in the sun. 
It's absolutely me, you and Joseph captured my style/spirit precisely. The inscription was such a sweet surprise. Everyday I'm stunned by how beautiful my ring is. It feels wonderful to wear, so light I barely even notice it's there. Thank you again and again! David truly has a wonderful gift and we're so grateful to share it. To have such a gorgeous, earth friendly ring means the world to me.   We can't recommend David's work enough"

Kitt and Joseph's engagement photos 
by Tami Mellisa Photography
Kitt was saying that she and Joseph recently visited their ceremony site and  the huge oak tree that stands there. Their visit was fortuitously right after some windy weather and before the ground maintenance folks had cleaned up.  

The old oak tree offered up 3 perfect branches from which to craft their wedding bands.  
So romantic and symbolic ... that a sliver of a branch of the majestic oak tree that will be witness to the proceedings will be woven into the rings that Kitt and Joseph  exchange at their wedding ceremony this coming May.  I can almost hear the sounds of rustling leaves and song birds in conversation . . .