Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scott, Michael and the boys

Scott and Michael contacted us late in 2013.  They were planning their ceremony for early May this year so they are recently hitched, and we are honoured to have played a small part in their declaration of love for each other.  

Their beautiful dogs; C-zar and Zahaan are members of the family so it came as no surprise to see that Scott and Mike's invitation was headed up by 'the boys' announcing the union of their fathers :)
We had such a lovely time working with Scott and Michael ~ their gentle spirits and good humor brightened our winter days here on the meadow.  It has always been our practice to send work in progress pics to the folks we're working with.  Scott wrote this PS note during the making of their rings....

 "We are lucky to see a picture of David working, but we don't have a picture of you, Nicola. Please tell David to set the tools down and take your picture (maybe dancing with the rings or setting them in the snow while doing a snow angel or befriending the moose and let them hold on their horns). Just kidding on the moose thing, because I don't want you hurt. Big smiles!   Scott and Michael"

I decided to go the snow angel route ... not my most flattering picture, but it was sure fun.  Cold too!!
Michael and Scott celebrated their union on May 3rd in California under sunny skies.
 I'm not sure whose smiles are bigger ~ Scott and Mikes or C-zar and Zahaan
Happy guys all round.
After their celebration, Scott shared some pics with us and wrote:
"I've already given 3 couples your info. They all were amazed by the beauty of the rings; and realizing people don't have to buy some piece of metal in a store, but have something truly unique. Can you tell we LOVE our rings? Chat more later. Cheers to you both!"
 Dear Michael and Scott: May happiness and good fortune be yours each and every day.  Much love to you both and the pups. And thank you again. It's been a real pleasure and a lot of fun working with you.  Bright Blessings. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ruwan and Ashley

Way back in November 2009,
 Ruwan contacted David and I wanting to design a special ring for his sweetheart.

Ru commissioned a ring of African Blackwood with a center inlay of Pink Ivory wood bordered by greyed maple.  He also requested a dark Koa wood interior and an inscription. 
Ruwan received his ring for Ashley and tucked it away 
for just the right day, just the right hour, just the right moment...
Unbeknownst each to the other;
 In January of 2010, Ashley commissioned a Touch Wood Ring for her beloved Ruwan. 
African Blackwood and Greyed Maple.
 She too tucked that ring away ....
for just the right day just the right hour just the right moment.
 We were in touch off and on through the years.
On January 14th 2014 Ru writes:
"Just wanted to check in and tell you I finally gave Ashley her ring. I believe she already told you, for winter solstice, she gave me mine. After four years of holding on to it, I'm happy to have finally given it to her and not worry about her finding it.
 I played her a song on the guitar
 and then explained the meanings of the woods that made up her ring...."

It's been quite a journey 
of love and laughter and delayed gratification ~ for all of us!
Ashley and Ru have set the Summer Solstice this year as the time to celebrate their journey together. David and I were so touched to receive an invitation in the mail.  
Thoughtful and beautiful. Hand crafted.
 In the envelope, the invitation and save the date card are tied together with hemp twine with a little sprig of white sage in the knot. Ashley and Ru made their own invitations with sustainably harvested sage and 100% recycled paper.

On the solstice, they'll be gathering friends and loved ones together in a West Coast forest setting; celebrating the paths and trails they've traveled, to where they are now 
and lighting the journey ahead.
To our old friends; Ruwan and Ashley ~
 Thanks for the invitation to share your joy
Much love. As always
Nicola and David