Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Edwin's Oak

Alexandra commissioned an Oak wood ring for Edwin. He was in on it :)
Edwin and Alex live near Yosemite National Park. Edwin was born and raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills and always had an attachment to the oak trees, and oak wood.
This is the ring David created for Edwin. It is solid Oak with a very slight taper and a featured natural knot.

Not too long ago we received this email from Edwin. He wrote, "It occurs to me this evening that I never e-mailed to inform you that I received my ring....apologies. IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I am very impressed with David's work and grateful to have this piece of art for my wedding ring. Thank you both so much. With great appreciation and admiration, Edwin"
I see the knots in Edwin's ring as a perfect metaphor for a marriage ~ two flowering branches of a majestic oak.

Did you know ... that Oak trees have male flowers on one part of their branch, and female flowers on another part of the same branch. Most Oaks reach maturity and begin flowering at about 20 years old and are at their peak between about 50 and 80 years of age.