Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wooden rings for an awesome Belgium couple

Last July David made a set of wooden rings for Nicolas and Mélanie of Belgium. Nicolas sent us malachite for Melanie's ring and they chose blackwood and blue spruce for their woods.

Nicolas writes ...
"At last, I send you some pictures of our August 07 wedding and of the rings. We wear our rings with love. They are amazing."
"Our wedding day was amazing. I don't know if you made your Sun dance but it worked. The weather was rainy the day before and the day after, but we had beautiful sunshine on our wedding day. We love our rings. We are proud to have wooden rings, and we are proud that you made them. When I look at my ring, I obviously think of my wife but also of you and your way of life which makes a lot of sense to me. Your home looks like a piece of paradise and we would be happy to visit you if we come to Canada. "
David and I look forward to your visit! Thank you both so much for being so full of love and for sharing that with us.