Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tarra and Aly and their Touch Wood Rings

Hi Nicola and David,  First off, let me give you a GINORMOUS virtual HUG for the beautiful creation that is our rings!! We LOVE them!  They fit perfectly and are just incredible.
I've attached a picture.  Thank you so much for creating something so unique, and special for us.

When I wrote Tarra back to ask if we might post this on our blog, she responded, " Of course you may post our picture and comments !!  Please let us know how else we can support you in letting people know how wonderful, unique and amazing your rings are.
peace,  Tarra and Aly.   
Oh yes... this is why we do what we do.  The people we work with are so wonderful ~ they are warm and loving humans; one and all. Thanks so much Tarra and Aly.  Wishing you both tremendous happiness, now and in the future.