Saturday, June 21, 2014

Exactly what I was looking for ...

In mid January we had an email from Wesley.  He was due to be married on the first of May and was on the search for the perfect wood ring. 
Wesley wrote " First off let me say I've ordered a couple of different wooden rings already from other companies and thus far haven't received anything close to what I ordered. After communicating with them and talking about different types of wood and colors etc., none of them have come back like what I asked for, so hopefully we can figure out something and have a ring that actually reflects what I would like to wear everyday. I have looked on your website and have to first off compliment you for your amazing rings, they all look great. What I am looking for is something simple. Just one wood in a single band, no stones or inlays or anything. Basically what I am looking for is a wood that shows lots of wood grain and possibly has a knot in it, and that has a brownish reddish tint to it."

Wesley and I worked out all the details together and sent lots of photo examples back and forth ... David created Wesley's ring in February and after Wesley had it in hand, this is what he wrote. 

"Hey guys, the ring came in, it looks great! That is exactly what I was looking for, the color, the grain, couldn't be better. You guys nailed it. Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot. We both love it.   Wesley and Mary Susan "   

That note sure made David and I happy!!  
As Patricia; another client recently wrote, "The two of you have the best job in the world I think. Making people's dreams come true." and we couldn't agree with her more. 

Thanks so much Wesley for coming to us to help you create the ring you envisioned.  It has been our pleasure and we wish you and Mary Susan tremendous happiness in the days and years to come. 

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Art of Mending

When accidents happen, David will always work to restore a ring rather than write it off and make a new ring; which in most cases would be the easier option.  

I often liken our first work-in-progress photographs of clients rings to 'lumps of clay on a potters wheel'.    It is fitting then that David's restorations have much in common with 'Kintsugi'; a Japanese pottery technique which honors that which is broken.  Kintsugi comes from a belief that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.    It is the art of mending.  Honouring the history and the love story that every ring holds ...

This is the Story of Jason's Touch Wood Ring.  In early March this email arrived ...

" I hope things are well at Touch Wood Rings. 8 years ago you and David made me a beautiful wood wedding ring and I have treasured it ever since. Unfortunately 2 months ago I lost the ring - or so I thought. I left it on the counter in the break room at work and when I went back to get it, it was gone. The cleaning person said she may have mistakenly swept it into the trash. After dumping out the trash bin and painstakingly picking through all the trash piece by piece with several people helping me, we couldn't find it. 

I figured it was gone - lost forever. Then one day I got a call to come to the front desk and there is the cleaning person – holding my ring! Apparently, it had somehow dropped into the dishwasher - and had endured 2-3 wash cycles per day for two months!!

Although the ring has clearly taken a beating, I want to commend you on an incredibly durable ring. The inside and outside are still completely intact. Nothing peeled off or cracked. I am amazed it held up so well.

Where the finish on the ring had already worn off, the wood is severely bleached.  I am attaching a photo. Sorry - I don't have a photo of the original new ring. It is Walnut on the outside. Do you think the ring can be repaired/refurbished to its original condition - or close to it? "

We encouraged Jason to send his ring back to see what David might be able to do.  

Here is a photo of Jason’s original (January 2008) ring~  He commissioned a dark Walnut wood ring with a featured knot and a dark Oak interior liner.

This is how it came back after 8 years and a few months of a wild dish-washing misadventure …

and here ... are a couple of pics of Jason’s restored ring ~ 

"Wow. Wow. WOW! It looks awesome! I can't believe it. I really expected David to say it was un-savable. Tremendous work.  

So happy I made the decision to ask you to be involved in something so important to me. I will let you know when it arrives. Thank you, Nicola and David!

As the Jacaranda's were blooming in Los Angeles, (Jason's photograph which I just love and had to share) his ring arrived home.

"The ring is now in/on hand! It looks great. All is right with the world again. Thanks so much for the restoration, it even has some nice details now that it didn't have before. Please send my compliments to David. - Jason"

Thanks so much Jason!  Our pleasure!!  And thanks for letting me tell the story of your 'dishwasher ring'.  Our dearest love to you and Pia and the girls.  As ever.  Nicola and David