Tuesday, February 17, 2015

E Ho'omau Maua Ke Aloha

"I would like to thank you and David for making our beautiful and true Hawaiian wedding bands. His work is amazing. Everyone we showed the rings to was speechless, even our kahuna. He said these rings binds us to the land. Here are some photos to share of our wedding at Kualoa Beach on the island of Oahu. Thank you so much! We chose the right person to make our rings."

Vernon sent David Hawaiian Kamani and Kou Woods for his and Ruth's rings and sand from a special spot on a beach in Oahu.

"I see my ring is on the front page of your website. That is so cool. We love the rings. They are a beautiful work of art. We have some pics to share of our wedding at Kualoa Beach park on the island of Oahu. Thank you so much for taking the time 
to make our beautiful Hawaiian rings. God bless both of you and with much love from Ruth and Vernon "

This is a photo of Ruth and Vernon's Hawaiian Touch Wood Rings resting on a Kamani tree stump.

And a photo from their wedding celebration in front of two beautiful Chinese Banyan trees. 

E Ho'omau Maua Ke Aloha

Monday, February 16, 2015

Strength, resilience and wisdom

Kirsten and I wrote back and forth for almost 6 months.  She and Norm have been happily married now for a couple of years.  I was thinking about them, and their rings today and Kirsten's lovely positive attitude.   They commissioned David to create their rings from a dark Hawaiian Koa wood with inlays of Lapis Lazuli, Eliat and Turquoise for Kirsten, and Lapis for Norms ring.  
Kirsten was wonderful to work with. 
In September of 2013 she wrote

Dear Nicola and David; 
We excitedly picked up our rings from the post office yesterday.
In anticipation we opened up the package to reveal the most gorgeous pieces of art!! We are so pleased with the final products. The are beautiful!!
Thank you again for all your guidance, patience and support through the design process. The entire experience was filled with such wonderful care and personal touches.
We are thrilled to be able to exchange these rings with each other. They have so much meaning and truly represent what we value in each other; our individuality. The Koa wood symbolizes strength, resilience and wisdom, which we continue to strive for as a couple.
Thank you again so much  

With warmth and gratitude,
And a few months after their 'little big day' as Kirsten described it, she writes:

We both receive wonderful compliments on our gorgeous rings on a daily basis :-)

Thank you again for all your guidance and support through the design and creation of our beautiful rings. 
You and David have become an important part of our love story!!

Our thanks to you Kirsten and Norm, and much love. Wishing you at least one lifetime of happiness together.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

The sun shines brighter ....

Some notes to share from some of our wonderful clients ... it's really easy to love what we do when the people we work with are such kind and generous souls. 

Our rings have been smothered in praise (that’s not an over-statement!) and they're a delight to wear.
 (Katrine and Martin)

I commissioned a ring from you maybe 7-8 years ago? I can't remember the exact date but I love your work immensely and am thrilled you are still in business as I would like to commission another ring by David. (Lauren)

I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that I finally gave the ring to Bekah. It was the most magical moment, and she just LOVES it. In fact, I let her read through our emails to learn more about it and she loved hearing the stories and all that went into making her ring. Thank you so much for all your help along the way, you truly made the whole experience something special. You'll always play a part in our journey. Bless you and David and all you stand for. (Maggie Mae )

We want to thank you so much for all the effort and beautiful work that y'all put into our rings.
The surprise was awesome. She loved it and so did the family. We can't thank you enough. (Angela and Pam)

Please send my regards to David and thank him for such beautiful work! As well as yourself for being so communicative throughout the whole experience/process. You both were wonderful to do business with and I will definitely recommend your rings to others. Thanks again so much! (Jason)

Much love to one and all from our 'still winter' wonderland ~ 
where the sun shines brighter because of each of you.
Truly.  It does :)