Friday, December 09, 2016

"The most beautiful proposal ... "

Todd and I started our conversations in August of this year.  He talked about being drawn to our work and wanting to create the perfect ring for the love of his life.  Todd was so warm and an absolute delight to work with! A genuinely good soul and a true romantic. 
While we were in the planning stages for Cori's ring, Todd sent along this photograph of himself and Cori, as he wrote; "sharing love and life'.

Shortly after Todd's (oh-my-goodness, this-is-how-it's-done) proposal, we received this heart warming letter from his beloved Cori.  

Dear David and Nicola. Good evening. My name is Cori. We haven't met previously but the two of you were a part of a moment that changed my life.  I am typing now with a beautiful ring on my finger and my new fiance sitting by my side.  

On Friday, November 11th, Todd came into my classroom.  (I'm a 7th grade teacher).  He delivered a single long-stem rose and chatted with my students for a bit.  They, like anyone who meets him, were enchanted.  He then informed them that he would be taking me away for the day.  I was quite surprised, as I had classes to teach.  That was already taken care of, though.  Todd had arranged for the principal of the school to cover for me for the rest of the day.  

Todd and I climbed into his truck and started head south under the guise of going to visit his mom.  He informed me we had one little stop to make first - a short hike.  

On the way down, we marveled at the beautiful landscape as we always do.  Trees in particular draw both of us.  So much so, that at home is a copy of a breathtaking picture book by an author and photographer by the name of Mark Hirsch.  Mr. Hirsch had found a beautiful burr oak in southern Wisconsin and had spent a year taking a picture of that majestic tree every single day.  Different angles.  Different views.  Different lighting.  But all of them were amazing.  He put all of his photographs in a book and Todd gave it to me as a birthday present some time ago.  It is a treasure.  

After a couple of hours of driving, we pull into a cornfield.  Confused, I scanned the landscape...and saw THAT TREE!!! I was absolutely thrilled!  I grabbed his hand and bounded like a kid to the tree, thrilled that he had found it and taken me there.  I still had no idea what was going on.  I was just basking in his sweetness and the beauty of that tree.  After a few minutes, he motioned to a limb and indicated there was something hanging there.  I came to investigate and found the most beautiful ring I have EVER seen.  When he dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him, my heart nearly exploded.

As I cried tears of joy, wrapped in his arms, I noticed a man with a tripod trudging toward us.  Todd had arranged for Mark Hirsch, the author and photographer of that book to come capture our moments!  Not only that, but Todd had received permission from the landowners for the two of us to camp there underneath the branches of that amazing tree.  

Cori's Red Cedar Ring with Birch interior liner and a braided Birch Bark inlay
It was truly the most beautiful proposal I have ever heard of...and I got to stand in the middle of it.  He put so much time and effort into making it special, meaningful and absolutely perfect.  

The ring is such an important and stunning part of making it perfect.  I love it!  I absolutely love it.  It is truly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and it means more to me than anyone (except maybe Todd) could possibly know.  

Today I went back to work after our wonderful weekend.  Every single person that saw that ring on my finger remarked how beautiful it was, how perfect it was and how it was 'me'.  
The work Todd and the two of you put into making this symbol on my finger is humbling. I can't thank you enough.  The ring you crafted will be on my finger for the rest of my life and I am thrilled, proud and humbled to wear it.  
Filled with love and happiness, Cori 

David and I wish you and Todd a lifetime of Pocket Moment treasures. Thank you both so much for coming into our lives and for sharing with us the immense love you have with each other.  XO