Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Touch Wood Rings enjoying life in Kenya

Last August we worked with Pete and Radhika ~ a wonderful couple making the world a brighter place.  
We hadn't spoken since September and it's always so nice to hear back from folks after a space of time ~ like a knock on the door from dear friends we haven't seen in awhile.  (thanks Radhi)

Radhika writes;  
Dear Nicola,
I've been meaning to write and send pictures for a long time now. Better late than never I suppose!  We love the rings. So does my huge Indian family! Thank you so so much to you and David! The first [picture is] taken in Wundanyi, Kenya. That's where we live and work. Since we get muddy, wet and dirty all the time (doing fieldwork!) we don't wear the rings everyday but only on special occasions! We do wear them all the time in the cities. The second picture is of the Indian wedding ceremony we had with my whole family in India this December.  Thank you once again.
Regards,  Radhika and Pete