Sunday, February 17, 2013

Touch Wood Rings and the balance of things

Every day we receive emails from people all over the world. Old friends and new Every day I am touched and humbled by the loving, caring people who take the time to write to us, (complete strangers at the outset) to inquire about a Touch Wood Ring and to tell us about themselves, their lives and loves.  They share their stories with David and I and they put their trust in us.  It is a humbling thing. 

Yesterday at just before noon we received an email from someone who wrote a long and delightful letter....  I'd like to share what he wrote in the opening remarks of his email ...

 "I have admired your rings for years (like 7 years!) and have always wanted a wood wedding ring. Your rings in particular are simply gorgeous. I know a couple people who have had them made from you and they love them. Congratulations on establishing a socially responsible, green, and loving business model! I really admire people that figure out that balance in work and life." 

Rosewood Ring with inlays of Live Oak and Sugar Maple
 A 2013 Touch Wood Ring 
Rosewood Ring with inlays of Live Oak and Sugar Maple
I won't share any more of this fellow's email.  He is planning a surprise for the love of his life. I just wanted to say thank you.  To you dear man, and to every other person who writes to us trusting that we will treat you with love and respect.  We will.  We won't always be quick to reply (it's a labour intensive lifestyle living remote and off the grid, cooking on a wood stove and providing all our own services ) but we are always grateful for your letters and delighted to hear from you.  With love.


'Namaste' seems the only suitable sign off to this post.  And Thank You.