Sunday, September 30, 2012

Touch Wood Rings, touch the earth

Touch wood, touch stone, touch the oceans, touch the earth.  
We thank you for sharing your stories and for sharing your love for each other, with us ...
Here are some of those stories and some of that love.

 Brent and Sarah's Walnut Wood Rings inlaid with Myrtle Wood
and incorporating their very special shell from Ghana.
"These rings are simply amazing! We were just floored by how simple, clean and comfortable they were. They fit perfectly; like an old friend. My (Brent's) ring fits so well with (the unusual shape of my hand), I loved the way David didn't just taper it, but just made a space for my finger. It looks great and feels better. Sarah's looks amazing with her shell and she said its a perfect fit. Both of the rings go on quite easily but fit snug once they are on so there is no danger of them slipping off.
Thank you for your amazing work and the love you put into it. We are so happy that we could share this experience with you.  Brent and Sarah"

An Arbutus Wood Ring  ~ designed and commissioned by Brandon for Leslie
Leslie's wooden engagement ring incorporates a inlay of Ancient Kauri wood bordered by Eilat and Lapis and Brandon's regionally sourced Serpentine from the Klamath-Siskiyou Range.
As Brandon was designing his beloved's Touch Wood Ring he wrote;  "I’m comparing this process to getting a tattoo. If you've never experienced it, the proper way to go about getting a meaningful, well-designed tattoo is to find an Artist whose portfolio blows you away. Then you present them with your general idea/vision and let them turn it into their own piece of art. The Artist needs to be involved in their art, not repeating the same design over and over. I completely trust you guys to deliver a stunning ring, even if it's not exactly what I’m thinking, I know you won’t disappoint."  

Late September and Fall washes over us out here on the edge of the Boreal Forest.
It's an especially colourful autumn on the meadow with crisp frosty mornings and bright sunny days.  Picture perfect.  David and I carry on loving what we do, in a place we love and we are so blessed to have people like you who come into our lives. 

Don and Sheryll sent us pieces of Pine, Oak, Juniper and Maple and Ash wood from their new property in Ontario.  They are settling on their 25 forested acres now.  They used all but the Ash in the design of their rings and they both wanted natural knots.  

After receiving their rings, Don wrote; "Thank you again for everything.
The rings arrived safe and sound, they look beautiful and fit perfectly.  It is wonderful to know that they were produced from wood from our own property and by people who take such care and pride in what they do.  We are so looking forward to showing them off to family and friends and incorporating them into our wedding ceremony.  Don"

We began talking with Bill from Washington DC back in April.  Bill sent David some lovely pieces of mulberry wood, apple and oak wood. Bill wanted to combine wood from a tree from the yard where he grew up and wood from a tree from where his fiancee grew up.
  In September after receiving his bespoke Touch Wood Ring; Bill wrote:  "Nicola and David, I got the ring today and it looks amazing and fits just fine! I'm really, really happy with how it turned out. I couldn't have wished for it to be this good. This has been an extremely positive experience. All my best to you and David. "