Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Falling in love

Ask anyone who has known me since I was about 5 years old.  I fall in love all the time; with people, places, ideas...  It just so happens that the work David and I do has over the years amassed a community of people who are imminently loveable. Here is one small family I had the pleasure of falling in love with this year.
Marcie first contacted us in January.  Marcie and Dan make their home in the beautiful Columbia Valley of British Columbia.  Dan makes maps for Kootenay and Yoho Parks so they spend lots of time in the mountains.  Marcie was working on Chinook and Coho salmon projects with DFO but now she's very happy to be the primary caregiver to their beloved son; River.  River is just over a year old now and what a beautiful family they are.
This from Marcie's initial letter:  "My partner Dan and I are getting married this year and were going to forgo rings until I came across Touch Wood Rings.  The rings David creates are absolutely beautiful!  We are excited to find something that resonates with us and fits with our lifestyle and our values.  We hope that you are able to make a couple of rings for us."
And off we went...   Marcie and I talked for a few months about different ideas for their rings, what woods they might want to use and design ideas. And we talked about all sorts of other things too.  Rocks and gardens and children, birds and beavers and the changing seasons; that kind of thing.  Her emails always felt like sitting down and having a coffee together.
In the end, they decided to have David craft them rings of Pacific Yew Wood  with Birch and Walnut.
Dan and Marcie each wrote us beautiful letters after they received their rings.  This first one from Dan:
"Hi Nicola,  Just writing to say Thank you both with all our hearts for the beautiful rings. I picked them up today. The pictures you sent of them were fantastic and got us very excited, but in our hands they are just gorgeous.
David, you have an amazing talent and you both are extremely creative. Thanks for learning your artisan trade so well and providing a perfect option for so many people who don't want the traditional gold and diamond ring. The detail is stunning, the pieces of wood you use are so very interesting. I love that there is a unique grain in the wood, and some distinct markings that I'll get to know, memorize and love over time. By the way, despite the multiple sizings and sizes we received, the rings are a perfect fit!
We feel very lucky to have stumbled across your website, and more-so that you are relatively local.   Nicola, it's been wonderful looking over Marcie's shoulder to read your emails and look at the wonderful pictures you sent as winter unfolded into spring. It would be even more wonderful to meet the two of you in person one day. We look forward to the chance of it happening. Keep us in mind if you ever travel through our area as well. We'd love to have you as visitors.    All the best, Dan"
And from Marcie ...
"Hi Nicola    I just wanted to thank both you and David for our beautiful rings.  I know Dan already sent you a note, but I also wanted to say thanks.
David truly is an amazing artist; we marvel at the skill and craftsmanship of the rings.  He chose the wood very well and we feel they just glow.  He must be a very patient fellow to do such fine work - it seems exceedingly difficult to me.  We will cherish these rings.  Having wood rings is very meaningful to us, but more so because they were made with such obvious love and passion.  I feel the rings will hold the warmth and love that both David and you put into them.
I have truly enjoyed our emails and getting to know you.  We will stay in touch for sure, and will come by to say hi when we get a chance to travel to your area.
Take very good care. 
Dan and Marcie are happily married now ~  they were very happily unmarried too :)  Marcie dropped a note just this past week with a few of pics from their summer celebration and a bit of an update.  She tells us it was a lovely at home wedding.  My side note : As anyone who has done an at home wedding knows; while it sounds oh so simple and easy, it really is a tremendous amount of work.  Hats off to you both!!
They had about 40 family and friends join them and had a celebration and feast that lasted two days.  Poor River fell sick though, and was a tad overwhelmed by the deluge of people but he made it through :) 
And Marcie wrote: "Before we exchanged rings, I took a moment to explain the significance of our rings to everyone and told them about you too.  Everyone was very impressed by them.  Our wedding commissioner was impressed too - not only has he never seen wood rings, he said he has never heard anyone talk about their rings before.  Of course I had too, because they are so special.  Thank you!"

 David and I are humbled and honoured to have played a small part in a special moment in your lives together Dan and Marcie and River.  And to work with you to create these symbols of your love for each other. It has been our absolute pleasure dear friends.  
Onward ever onward.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

He loves all things wood ...

Chandra, a Creative Coach and Actress from Toronto wrote to inquire about having a wooden wedding ring created for her fiancé, Myke. Myke is a Storyboard Artist and Filmmaker.

In her first email she wrote:   "He loves all things hand crafted in wood, seriously, he even has wooden eye glass frames. :)  As such he would really like his wedding band to be wooden. We both feel really drawn to your work and website and would love to work together. "  

Chandra shared with us that she and Myke had been together ten years and had started out as best friends. "We are like a slow simmering soup that just keeps getting better with time."   ( I love that description of their relationship! )

Chandra and Myke decided on a mid-toned Walnut Wood Ring with an Oak interior. 

David created Myke's ring in June of this year and they wrote this note when their Touch Wood Ring arrived.  

"We received the ring and we love it with all of our hearts! It's absolutely  amazing and everything we could have ever dreamed of. David's craftsmanship is impeccable and we can feel the love that it was made with. Thank you so much! It's been a pleasure to work with you both. " 

David and I  hope that through the years you become even better friends and share every possible kind of happiness life can bring.  Keep on adding all sorts of delicious things to that slow simmering soup.  Thank you Chandra and Myke!  Much Love and Happy Ever After.

Chandra just shared this fun husband and wife 'selfie' collage from their wedding day.   
So sweet.