Sunday, May 31, 2009

Touch Wood Rings for a Vancouver, BC couple

A lovely couple worked with us in April of 2008 to create their wedding rings. In May 09 we received this heartwarming email from them.
Thanks so much Leah and Kyle!!

"I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much we love our wedding bands.
Our wedding planning was a bit disastrous - the only thing that went smoothly was getting our rings from Touch Wood. You were wonderful to deal with and David's work was beautiful. After our experience with too many people who we felt were just out to make a quick buck out of a day that was so important to us, working with you both was a welcome relief. We can't recommend your work enough and have told many of our friends about your business.
Our rings are gorgeous and we are happier with them than even we thought we would be.
We have had more questions about our rings than any other aspect of our wedding. People are always curious to hear the story behind our rings and we have had nothing but compliments on them. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful memento of our wedding day and for providing an option that was inline with our values."

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sarah and Adie's Touch Wood Rings

Sarah and Adie's Purple heart wood rings with three inlaid bands in a bordered design ~ created November 2007.

May 17th, 2009
Dear Nicola and David.
I hope you are both well. It's been a long time and our rings are still so beautiful, we wear them everyday and regularly get compliments about how striking they are, or someone just catches hold of my hand and stares at the ring!!!

Thank you so much for the care and love that goes into your works of art.

You are truly a blessing in the world of natural jewellery .... ommmm.
With much Love, Sarah and Adie.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Touch Wood Rings with inlays of stone and shell.

Here is some of David's recent work for folks who commissioned wooden rings with inlays of stone. Most often, people will send us the stones that they want to incorporate into their designs, but we do have a nice selection of stones and shell on hand as well.

Doug and Toni's Hawaiian Koa Wood rings with inlays of turquoise and rose quartz.

Perched on a stone with the meadow in the background; Damien's purple heart wood ring design has a center inlay of rose quartz.

Chris and Tara's Hawaiian Koa wood rings with inlays of African Black wood and green jasper.

Reagan's Golden Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with an inlay of BC Jade, and lined with Juniper heart wood.

Susan and Jeff's Black Wood (Grenadilla) rings with inlays of a conglomerate rock of malachite and azurite

Taylor's Birds Eye Maple wood ring with a mother of pearl inlay.