Monday, September 08, 2008

Wooden rings and Warm hearts.

Our thanks to Nancy and Ruth (two lovely women who were such a pleasure to work with) and they wrote:
"Nicola and David, We followed your directions and wore our rings lightly for several months. Now that we are wearing them regularly we are even more delighted with them. They feel so natural and comfortable on our hands, even though neither of us has worn rings regularly in the past. Our comfort with the rings is also emotional and even spiritual. The ring symbolizes and reminds us of so many connections: to each other, to our vows, to the hands that made the rings and the place they were made, and to the trees that grow the wood. It is amazing and inspiring to be able to have these rings on our fingers everyday. Thank you so much! "

Friday, September 05, 2008

Bamboo wedding rings

Earlier this year, a couple from Florida asked David to make them a set of Bamboo Wedding Rings.

Jessica and Jake said they'd be happy to send David some bamboo to work with.
The bamboo was salvaged by Jake from their local recycling depot (the landscape 'waste' area where people bring all kinds of wood, brush, leaves, etc to be made into mulch.)
As Jessica pointed out "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! " Jake and Jessica's bamboo rings are banded with Hawaiian Koa wood. Jake's ring is about 10 mm wide and is gently tapered to 6mm. Jessica's ring is 4mm wide.
Thanks to Jake and Jessica, David now has a nice supply of this beautiful bamboo!