Sunday, January 24, 2010

A random gathering

Touch Wood Rings ~ a random gathering on a Sunday evening.

Ash Juniper and Mesquite Wood Rings. The mesquite was used as the interior wood in this set of rings. Ash juniper is the primary wood.

Classic Juniper heart wood rings ~ our juniper heartwood comes from David's brothers property in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia. It's beautiful wood! Durable, and with so much variety in figure, grain and colour.

John and Whitney's black walnut ring design below and the lovely ring box they ordered from Al Ladd. We highly recommend Al's work if you are looking for a finely crafted and beautiful home for your Touch Wood Ring.

Dark Koa wood rings with inlays of Birds eye maple.
Hawaiian Koa wood ring with a single offset inlay of African Blackwood.
Mid toned Hawaiian Koa wood rings with three spiraled inlays of African Blackwood (Grenadilla), Ancient New Zealand Kauri and Maple wood.
Black Walnut wood rings with Birds Eye Maple liners

Classic Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring with a Eucalyptus liner
Juniper heartwood ring with a featured knot and a birch bark liner with natural birch bark markings. Out of curiosity and just for fun, I spent a few minutes on Google Translate and came up with these translations of our name;

h Wood Rings
  • Vietnamese Touch Wood Nhẫn
  • Ukaranian Сглазьте кільця
  • Turkish Touch Ahşap Yüzükler
  • Thai วง Touch ไม้
  • Spanish Touch Wood Anillos
  • Slovac Zaklopať na drevo Prstene
  • Serbian Тоуцх дрвета прстенова
  • Russian Сглазьте кольца
  • Romanian Touch Wood Inele
  • Portuguese Touch Wood Anéis
  • Persian لمس چوب حلقهها
  • Macedonian Допир Вуд прстените
  • Latvian Touch Wood Gredzeni
  • Korean teochi udeu banji
  • Japanese tatchiuddoringu
  • Irish Teagmháil Adhmad fáinní
  • Hindi ṭaca vuḍa riṅgōṁ
  • Hebrew טבעות Touch Wood
  • French toucher des anneaux de bois
'Touch Wood Rings' in any language are sustainable made and meticulously hand crafted wooden rings.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Touch Wood Rings and Design decisions.

Every day brings delight; new inquires and old friends alike. Not having access to telephone on the meadow; we do all our communications by email. It's more time consuming than using a telephone but I find that it's a pretty cool way to get to know people.

I have a lot of fun talking with folks by email; answering questions and offering assistance with wood ring design ideas or chatting about sustainable living. We meet the most amazing people.

One couple was especially creative with their emails. One of Jamie's emails included this Photo shop mock up of Frank ‘thinking seriously’ about his wooden ring design. They were kind enough to let us share this image with you. Great Fun!! Thanks Jamie and Frank.