Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reconnecting with old friends

David and I worked with Melisa and Luke in 2010.  

We made their rings during the summer of that year and were finishing their rings when our area was in full wildfire madness. It was pretty scary. Luke and Melisa and the other folks we worked with during that time were so understanding.
That's the first time I've lived anywhere where I was surrounded by raging forest fires.   But we all made it through.  No human lives were lost and very little human property was damaged.  I know that was not true for the wildlife and birds with whom we share our surroundings, but four years on, everyone seems to have recovered from their losses ~ thank goodness.  Even the forest is recovering, albeit rather slowly.

We got an email from Melisa just a few weeks ago.  She writes:
"I hope this note finds you both well.  It's been more than 4 years since the last email, and I am happy to report that Luke and I are very happily more than four years married. I had meant to email you a picture from our day and now it's years later and I realize I haven't.  Funny how time goes so quickly...
I'm writing now because our well loved rings are ready for some refinishing ~ they're a bit worn but they've been worn with love....."

Turns out their rings are actually in lovely shape and David is refinishing them this month. Luke wears his ring less often than Melisa as he is doing tree work and wants to protect his ring ~ it's a tad snug on him too so David is doing a little resizing at the same time as refinishing their rings.
When I wrote back to Melisa, I assured her that we would dearly love to see those photos from their wedding.  While it might be old news to her, it is always a joy for us to share in moments from couples celebrations of love. 

The way I see it, celebrating love never gets old. 
I mean, look at those pups wearing their beautiful wedding collars :)

Melisa and Luke designed their rings with Black Walnut wood and offset inlays of Greyed Maple and Pietersite. 
They were so much fun to work with.  Melisa shares our passion for birds and photography
and she volunteers at a wildlife rehab facility where they work mostly with sea birds, but also raptors and songbirds.  

I want to share a link to Melisa's website too ~ she does such beautiful work.
We always love meeting new people who come to us to create rings for them  ~ and it is truly heartwarming to reconnect years later.  Much love to you both, Melisa and Luke!  It was wonderful working with you in 2010 and awesome to reconnect.  You make us smile!!