Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wood rings of Cherry, Ash and Love

A beautiful couple ~ Matthew and Janelle; and some excerpts from a lovely letter Matt sent us a few weeks ago.

"I will start by saying that life is absolutely grand right now (despite Janelle and I being apart for almost two months now). The rings produced by David and coordinated through yourself are nothing short of amazing! The shine and warmth of the wood is absolutely incredible!

"The rings have become a part of our relationship and our left pinkie fingers. I left for my specialized army training on 6 May and have been able to briefly see Janelle only once since then. It has been tough to be apart, but we use our 'magic' rings as a way to always remember that we are in each other's hearts and minds at all times.
While I sit in church without Janelle, I play with my ring to remind myself of the times that Janelle and I would go to church together and to remember that she is 1500 miles away playing with her ring in church at the very same moment. She always jokes and says that by the time I get back in October the shine will be worn off of hers! I can completely agree her!! They are very durable, however, so I think that they will be okay. We both absolutely love the rings (obviously!!) and would like to say 'Thank you' for all of your help in the process. It means a lot to both of us. There is a lot of work that goes into a couple remaining one in the light of an extended absence from each other, but the rings have helped tremendously!! "

Matthew designed their rings around the meaning of the woods. He choose cherry wood with ash bands. Their inscriptions are the email smiley faces used so often by these two in their extended absences from each other. :)

As a post script, I must say that this wooden ring blog is not so much about the wood rings that David crafts as it is about the people who come into our lives. Good and kind humans, one and all.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rings on their fingers ....

These lovely rosewood rings were made with inlaid bands of Olivela shell.

Black wood and blue spruce rings

Black wood rings with two spiraled bands of blue spruce and oak.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wyoming wood rings

A lovely couple from Wyoming designed these blue spruce and hawaiian koa rings with birch liners. They wrote:
" Dear Nicola and David, What a dream come true. Thanks for working with us and crafting such soulful pieces. You made this a meaningful process. Even more lovely is the superior customer service and friendship you have given. These are definitely ours, they fit comfortably and we adore the unique wood. We are both so happy to have rings we get to feel positive about. We'll be in touch, and as always are wishing you the very, very best. Count us as two more lucky and grateful wood clad people."

Thank you!! It is David and I who are grateful. We meet so many wonderful people who become real friends. This is truly joyful work. :)