Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Yosemite National Park Proposal

We had a lovely email from Chris just the other day that he has kindly allowed us to share with you. Chris commissioned David to create a 'Juniper heartwood ring with a featured knot' for his beloved while Chris handcrafted the Juniper Heartwood Ring Box. It's so perfect ~ like the ring rose from the heart of the box.

And the good news ....
"Hey Nicola and David,
I just wanted to share a few photos with you. SHE SAID YES! We had a beautiful trip to Yosemite and I gave Jessica her ring in the meadow below El Capitan. It fits perfectly and she is so happy with it. She can't stop talking about how perfect and beautiful it is. I built a box out of Juniper Heart Wood to compliment and protect the ring.
Attached are a few photos for you. Thank you so much for your work. We are so happy and Jes has already started checking out your site looking at wedding bands. We'll be in touch. Thank you! Chris Our congratulations and love to you both Chris and Jessica.
May all your days together hold the magic of those moments at Yosemite!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A wooden ring takes the spotlight in a Broadway Musical

This scene which makes reference to a wooden ring is from
'A Little Night Music' a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and book by Hugh Wheeler. Inspired by the Ingmar Bergman film Smiles of a Summer Night, it involves the romantic lives of several couples. Its title is a literal English translation of the German name for Mozart's Serenade No. 13 for strings in G major.

My sincere thanks to Marian who contacted us in her quest for a wood ring after watching her friend perform this scene in a current Broadway revival of A Little Night Music. She told us about the scene, how touching it was and sent us the excerpt. Thank you Marian.

Scene 8, Act 2
'A Little Night Music'
(A grandmother is having a conversation with her granddaughter ~ shortly afterward in the play the grandmother passed away.)

Madame Armfeldt:
A great deal seems to be going on in this house tonight. (pause) Child will you do me a favor?

Of course,Grandmother.

Madame Armfeldt:
Will you tell me what it's all for? Having outlived my own illusions by centuries, it would be soothing at least to pretend to share some of yours.

Fredrika: (After thought): Well, I think it must be worth it.

Madame Armfeldt:

It's all there is, isn't it? Oh, I know it's often discouraging, and to hope for something too much is childish, because what you want so rarely happens.

Madame Armfeldt:
Astounding! When I was your age, I wanted everything - the moon - jewels, yachts, villas on the Riviera. And I got 'em too, - all for the good they did me.
(Music. Her mind starts to wander)
There was a Croatian Count. He was my first lover. I can see his face now - such eyes, and a mustache like a brigand. He gave me a wooden ring.

Fredrika: A wooden ring?

Madame Armfeldt:
It had been in his family for centuries, it seemed, but I said to myself: a wooden ring? What sort of man would give you a wooden ring, so I tossed him out right there and then. And now - who knows? He might have been the love of my life.

( Fredrika falls asleep, resting her head against Madame Armfeldt's knee. )

No, it wasn't this ring ~ this is a Touch Wood Ring
hand crafted by David Finch

In this scenario, the beloved said yes!! With no regrets.