Friday, December 14, 2012

Walnut and Myrtle Wood Rings

 We received this lovely email from Sarah and Brent in November.
"It’s been a few months since our wedding, which was fabulous, and I wanted to send you a couple of photographs – most of all, a beautiful picture of our rings. We are wearing them with love and pride, and they get a lot of attention and compliments! Thank you for the love and attention you put into them."
And this great black and white pic too from Brent, of his ring in action, so to speak.  

There is an earlier post - here - where I posted a few more pics of their rings ~ I was showing examples of commissioned Touch Wood Rings where folks send their own shell or wood or stone.   Brent and Sarah's rings are black walnut, myrtle wood  (ordered for them with more available in case you like it too) Sarah's ring also has an inlay of some special shell from Ghana.     
Thanks again Brent and Sarah! Much love, as always Nicola and David.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A kinder, gentler December.

Borrowing from my post on our Homestone Blog ....  
The sun was shining on the meadow today like only a December sun can shine. 

About 6:10 this morning I opened the kitchen side door that over looks the meadow and was greeted by the back and forth calls of our coyote pair.   

Life is returning to a more familiar rhythm for us after a really tough few weeks.

Many of you know about our recent difficulties but for those of you who don't, and without going into great detail ~ please accept our apologies for being slow to respond to your emails over the last while.

Quite suddenly and very sadly, David's father died on November 16th.    David also landed in hospital in November (unrelated ~ just awful timing) and is now awaiting a date for another surgery on his back. It's been a sad and difficult month for the whole family and most especially David's mom who lost her beloved husband of 66 years. 

One of the things it seems David and I can always count on is the kindness and love shown to us by the amazing people who wear or want to wear a Touch Wood Ring.  During this difficult time especially you have been so understanding and warm .... thanks so much.

Touch Wood Ring with braided inlay by David Finch
While we regain our equilibrium here, I thought I'd share some of the delightful letters we've received from folks over the past few months.  
First though ...this great photo and note from Nick and Mary ...

And Gary ... When Gary first contacted us, he wrote: "I have yet to find a wedding band for myself that I'm comfortable with.  I love your wooden rings!  I think they look amazing and you can really see the master craftsmanship in each one. I have been shopping around online and have seen similar rings for less money, but your reputation has drawn me to you specifically."  
It was lovely getting to know Gary and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.  When he finally had his commissioned Touch Wood Ring in hand here is what he wrote: 
Bespoke Wooden Rings by David Finch 
"The ring is perfect in every way! Thank you so much for making it such an enjoyable and stress free experience. Even while being so far away and never actually meeting each other the customer service experience has been amazing. The craftsmanship on this ring is amazing ~ you are artists! I will be passing on tales of my experience to others and will be sure to give out your name!  Thank you so much from a very happy and satisfied customer, Gary." 

Carla and Clyde's Wooden Rings
These walnut wood rings were handcrafted for Carla and Clyde of Kingcome Inlet, British Columbia They sent a special river rock and some spruce wood from their homeland. 
 It was as though the rain forest rose from their rings when such a beautiful rich green inlay emerged from their rather plain looking river rock.
From Singapore Vincent wrote: "Thank you so much Nicola and David, we have only gratitude to offer at this point, but we will always remember your kindness! Thank you for your blessings, and we know we shall have a blissful story to share on our wedding day. With much love,Vincent and Clara."

Christina's willow and black walnut wood ring (below) designed and commissioned with love by Andrew.  Andrew sent a little package of magic to weave into his true love's ring.  For the center inlay he sent a red stone, wildflowers, grass from a special trip they took... the flowers were a mix of colours mostly purple and red and yellow. And he included a little bit of coffee grounds from the coffee shop where he and Christina met and worked together in college ...  
and Andrew wrote... "Thank you once again, for everything that you and David have done here.  Working with you, and developing a relationship with you has been so wonderful, and it has added so much meaning to the ring.  I cannot thank you enough."

We worked with Greg back in May on his Hawaiian Koa Ring with Lava Rock inlays.... Greg wrote:  "I'm thrilled to be working with individuals that take genuine care and consideration. Thank you for making this journey memorable and worry free. " 

Chris wrote: "I love the pride that you both take in your work. The ring means even more to me now, knowing the love and dedication that went into making it."   Chris and Laura

New west coast friends, Lynne and Cian wrote: "A little note to say how much we adore our rings! We are so immensely pleased with them and they are even more beautiful in person than we imagined. 
I just really wanted to emphasize how enjoyable this whole process was. You and David are both so caring and professional in your approach and I always felt like it was as exciting for you both as for us - that is truly special as I'm sure you deal with many, many people and rings and you made ours a totally original feeling experience! Thank you both so much."