Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Early Autumn Wooden Rings

Benjamin and Alison's Juniper heart wood wedding rings with birds eye maple liners

and Alison's 4 mm wide Golden koa wood ring with juniper heart wood braided band.

"The rings arrived just in time. Our wedding reception took place at 5pm on Sept 6th and we received your package at noon :). They fit perfectly and they are very comfortable. Especially the braided ring is an exceptional masterpiece. Everyone was just stunned by how small and detailed the rings were made. Thanks again for your amazing work and communication. Our best wishes from Europe, Bejanmin and Alison. "

Rose wood rings with birds eye maple interiors.

Black Walnut wood rings with Hawaiian Koa inlaid bands.

Fall colours on our road to town.

Dark Hawaiian Koa Wood rings with blue spruce inlaid bands.

An autumn sky

Purple heart wood ring with birch interior and Amethyst crystal inlaid band.

Wooden Rings made from Osage Orange

Eucalyptus Wood Ring with Blue Spruce and Zebra Wood inlaid bands.