Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Connecticut Newlyweds . . .

A delightful young couple ~ so obviously and thoroughly in Love and
Such a pleasure to work with.
 We wish you tremendous happiness Liz and Mark
Today and always. 
Hi Nicola and David-
Greetings from the newlyweds! I wanted to write you an update and let you know how our wedding went on December 30.  First of all the rings are a HUGE success.  We love them so much.  I am so surprised by how comfortable they are.  I never thought I would wear a wedding ring because I always thought rings were so uncomfortable, but both of us really enjoy the light feel of the wood!  
If I can write any recommendations on the rings for you let me know!  
Our wedding was wonderful!  We had a gorgeous day about 40 degrees and sunny which is odd for Connecticut in late December.  The ceremony was beautiful with the colors of Christmas still decorating the church.  The reception was full of delicious food and fun dancing!  Then we went off to Stowe, Vermont for a couple of days of relaxation filled with snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking :)
I attached a couple of pictures for you! 
Thank you again, Liz and Mark