Thursday, September 01, 2011

Love and Wooden Rings in Denmark

Michael and Ulla of Denmark sent us this sweet photograph when we first started talking in late 2009.  It's the photo that David had on his wall while he created their rings...

The Birds Eye Maple and Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings commissioned and designed by Ulla and Michael in February of 2010.

A few weeks ago, they sent us a lovely email ~ and some great wedding pics !
The last one is my favourite : )

"It has been almost a year since our last contact but what a year! Our wedding obviously came as no surprise to you. We had a fantastic day with lots of friends and close relatives in an old house in the forest. Not too formal and completely in our spirit. Our wedding photos were taken at several locations; some in the urban jungle around the docks and some in the forest.

Besides that wonderful day, Michael finished his master's thesis, which has since been published and, on a Friday afternoon in February Ulla gave birth to our wonderful son, Astor! To allow him grow up with nature around him, we have recently bought a cabin, where we will stay for as long as we can keep warm, before moving back (to the city) for the winter. So a wedding, a master's degree, a son and a house purchase later, we can look back at a wonderful year and we wanted to share some of our experiences with you. "

Thanks very much Ulla and Michael ~ it's so great to hear from old friends! 
Wishing you and your wee lad continued happiness and all good things. As ever, Nicola and David 
This is why we love what we do!