Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gentle Spirits and their Wood Wedding Rings

We began a wonderful, warm correspondence with Henaz and Pradeesh back in January and David created their Purpleheart wood wedding rings in July of this year.

Because of a planned trip to India to visit family, we held onto their rings till August, and while they were able to share photos of their finished rings with family; Henaz and Pradeesh did not see their rings till just recently when they returned home to the US.
On September 9th we received this lovely email.

Dearest Nicola and David.
Our rings are absolutely beautiful. They capture exactly what we wanted our wedding rings to represent--a sense of wholesomeness and well-being.

The color of the Purpleheart wood is incredible. We are so grateful for the love and care you have obviously put in to making them. Your partnership, creativity and nurture through this process mean so much to us. Thank you for not just the product, but the process, too. We could not have asked for more from our wedding ring makers and our wedding rings. Warmest wishes and love, Henaz and Pradeesh : )

Henaz and Pradeesh are now busy with final plans for their wedding celebration on October 9th. David and I will be there ~ in spirit ~ with gratitude, and with warm and loving wishes for a beautiful day and a lifetime of happiness.