Friday, June 09, 2006

Wooden rings for a Fall Wedding

"We received the rings yesterday and we do LOVE them, indeed. They fit perfectly and are even prettier than we thought they'd be. They are so light and comfortable and simply perfect. Thank YOU so much for sharing your gifts and being such sweet people. We have told many people about your work and everyone who has checked out your website has been totally impressed. It has been so wonderful to work with you and again, we greatly appreciate, admire, and respect the way you live and the energies you return to this earth. So, thank you, and good wishes to you always. Peace, love and respect. "
Koa Wood Rings with dark toned Juniper heart wood bands and maple liners. Hers was size 6.5 and 8mm wide. His size 10.5 and 10mm wide. Both rings were slightly tapered.