Friday, June 09, 2006

Stone and Wood Ring

A ring of love.

The gentleman enlisted the help of his Dad who sent us three kinds of wood from the family farm. Oak, cherry wood and walnut.

The couple decided on two of these woods to use for her engagement ring.

They had found a crystal on a hike they had taken and wanted to somehow incorporate a bit of the stone. David crafted the ring of walnut and oak wood they sent us and embedded the center band with crushed stone from the found crystal. The ring is a size 6 and 4mm wide.

"Wow!! The ring is absolutely beautiful! My parents really enjoyed seeing the ring and were really impressed by it. Thank you so much making this beautiful ring that we can now have to show our love for each other. We can't express to you enough how grateful and blessed we feel to have it. I guess the next thing that we will have to set up are the plans for the wedding bands."