Friday, June 09, 2006

Maple Wood and Blue Spruce Wood Rings

Hers ~ A Maple ring with a 1mm spiraled blue spruce band. Size 6.5, 4mm wide. His ~ Blue Spruce ring with a 2mm spiraled maple band. Size 8 and 5mm wide.

This Colorado couple wrote:
"We were both amazed at the finished product. I was very nervous about trying it on. I had convinced myself that I was sized incorrectly, and I'd be heart-broken to have to wait on a new ring. She slid hers on, and loved it. After some convincing, I hesitantly put on my ring. It slipped onto my finger like I'd been wearing it for years. I had to fight the desire to wear it for the rest of the weekend.
Thanks so much! The rings are beautiful, and so much more than we anticipated."