Saturday, December 20, 2014

Winter Solstice and Trees and Rings

D+N Finch

In our neck of the woods, Winter Solstice falls on December 21st at 3:04pm.
Solstice celebrates the rebirth of light after the darkest period of the year.

In honour of the Winter Solstice I thought it would be apropos to share some rings David has made that incorporate woods with Solstice connections.

Trees and botanicals have always been central to the winter Solstice celebration. 

Evergreens are symbols of rebirth. 

The oak tree is sacred to Druids and Mistletoe found on oaks is especially sacred. In the Celtic language, Mistletoe means “All heal”. Mistletoe is a token of good will and peace. 

Holly’s evergreen nature gives it a special place.

The cutting and burning of a Yule log is perhaps the best known tradition of the Winter Solstice. In pagan times different woods were chosen to produce different effects.

Aspen invokes the understanding of the grand design.
Juniper heartwood with an Aspen interior
This is a Juniper heartwood ring with an Aspen interior liner

Birch signifies new beginnings. Holly inspires visions and reveals past lives.
Birch wood ring with an inlay of river rock
A Birch wood ring with an inlay of river rock

Oak brings healing, strength, and wisdom.
Maple Wood Rings with inlays of natural Oak Knots
These are Maple Wood Rings with inlays of natural Oak knots

Pine signifies prosperity and growth and Willow invokes the Goddess to achieve desires.
Shortleaf Pine, Loblolly Pine and Eastern White Pine Wood Ring
This ring is Shortleaf, Loblolly and Eastern White Pine

How ever you celebrate this season of light and renewal ~
We wish you and yours a bright and blessed Solstice. 

With much love, as ever
Nicola and David 
D+N Finch