Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Wooden Wedding Ring for Tim

It was Spring.  The birds were just returning to the meadow. . .

Working with Tim; a self described '60 year old semi-retiring medical guy', was a lovely experience. Tim was looking to replace his gold wedding band which he explained had outlived it's wear-ability years ago. He was also looking to set a good environmental example for his grand kids. Tim gave David excellent information in terms of sizing and fit, and he was drawn to Juniper heartwood.  Beyond that he gave David artistic license to create something beautiful.

Just the other day we received this lovely warm letter from Tim ~ and a photo of Tim and Ingrid's hands taken at their daughter's wedding.

"Greetings David and Nicola.

Touch Wood Rings
I commissioned a Juniper Heartwood Wedding band from you last year. After I received it in the Spring I started to wear it sparingly because we were prepping the old house to sell, then proceeding with the renovations on the retirement home we moved to. With all that work, I didn't want to risk it harm. I now have the opportunity wear it out to community and events and at Church. The two of us are well worn and inseparable now.

Touch Wood Rings
I'm always delighted to wear it (a perfect fit) and Ingrid is joyed with it too. It is truly a work of art, unique in composition, and announces it's presence in a way that jewelry never can. It's subtle, and reflects light with a warmth that only finely polished wood can. The grain flow and contrast suits my heartwood. So a truly grand and sincere thank you for your composition David.  Kindest regards, Tim."

 Touch Wood Rings