Monday, January 21, 2013

Three generations of wedding rings - diamonds, gold and wood

In December 2011 Rachael wrote ... I really just wanted to let you know our rings arrived and to thank you and David for your work.  They came exactly as I imagined them to be (from the beginning of my imagining, not from the lovely pictures you sent).  To tell you the truth the wooden ring feels so much better than the big ring I've been wearing!  And it will be so much easier to play my guitar wearing the wooden ring, too!  They both fit like they were made for us (well, 'cause they were) and Thane even commented on how comfortable it is.  I told him he better put them out of my sight until the wedding or else I'll want to put it on each day.


In September 2012 Thane and Rachael were happily married ... Rachael wrote:
Here are some pictures from the big day that I thought you'd like. It was a truly lovely day. I LOOOOOOVE my ring.  It's amazingly beautiful and so perfect.

She sent us some lovely photographs.... I asked Rachael if we might publish this touching photograph here on our blog...  

Traditional and Touch Wood Wedding rings Rachael replied ...   

I got permission from our photographer (and brother's wife), Samantha Willeke, for you to use the picture on your blog.  She's delighted that you like it enough to want to use it.  The hands actually belong to my mother (on my right with the colored stones in her ring) and her mother (on my left with all diamonds).

Thanks Samantha and Rachael.  And thanks to Rachael`s mom and grandmother too!  With much love - Nicola and David