Wednesday, January 30, 2013

From Sau Paulo they came

 Ni (and Marcos and David) and I talked for about year.  Then David created their rings.  Then they traveled from Brazil to British Columbia!!   David and I just fell in love with this amazing couple.  That they traveled that distance to meet us and receive their Touch Wood Rings still boggles our minds. We were not the only thing on their agenda, not by a long shot ... still... all the way from Brazil. From meeting online as strangers to becoming friends and now feeling for all the world like family.

This note from Nicole when then finally returned to their mega city home.  Where they work tirelessly for the good of their people, the good of all people.  Where they work tirelessly for the good of the planet ~ they really are remarkable humans.
"The crafted masterpiece of these rings is proof of David's divine talent. Only someone with a sensitive soul and connected to the earth could create such delicate gems. To personally meet David and Nicola, was an honor for my husband and I, and attests to the beauty and loveliness of this couple. To have been able to mark our wedding ritual in a sacred place, and to tie our knot with these majestic rings made our simple ritual blissful and glorious. Much gratitude to you both!"

 Nicole and Marcos.  
Photos from their travels and their quiet gentle wedding ceremony in the traditional territory of the Xeni Gwet'in; the Nemiah Valley, a few hours drive from our meadow and another magical place.



When they left, they left us warmed and loved and with two amazing new friends 
 and a handwritten letter with this precious drawing of our home and our meadow... 

 Blessed we are!