Friday, August 10, 2012

A Cape Breton Wedding and a Touch Wood Ring

When Evan was first in touch at the beginning of the year he introduced himself as a professional forest ecologist with a special affinity for trees and a real appreciation for the natural beauty of wood.  

In May, David created Evan's ring from Similkameen Juniper heartwood for Debbie and Evan's early July wedding.

Just the other day we received this lovely email and photo from the happy newlyweds.

"I have attached a few pictures from our wedding trip to Cape Breton Island.  The wedding went perfectly and the two week trip was just awesome.  Thank you again so much for your work on my ring!  I am extremely happy with the finished product and find it to be a very comfortable ring to wear.  I have also received an huge number of compliments on the ring's uniqueness and natural beauty :)  Hope all is well in BC! Take care, Evan and Debbie"