Thursday, June 14, 2012

Riley and Tucker, Sugar Maple and spring

It's April.  We were working with a couple of women who live in Ithaca New York ~ and love it there.  They sent us a photo of their pups; Riley and Tucker. 
I was sending spring bird pics. 

Erica wrote "As far as our spring bird watching, the finches have finally arrived.  In the spring, once they leave my aunt in Florida, she calls my mother in South Carolina.  As soon as my mom sees these fast travelers, I know to expect them here shortly.  
Family bonding!"   

Sharing moments and thinking creatively with people is a lot of what I do.  Old fashioned letter writing really ~ only back and forth in the blink of an internet eye ~ we chat about rings and different woods. We talk about trees and horses and dogs and dreams of where we want to be in 20 years.  We talk about our gardens and what makes our hearts sing...
In April, the Purple Finches were here in droves; they are bright little giggles of colour before the grass turns green. 
It's June now and another letter has just arrived from Katie and Erica.
They have put on their Touch Wood Rings. 
They are formally engaged
and crazy in love.

If all the stars align they will marry this fall.

Black walnut, Sugar maple and Juniper heartwood rings
Blossoms on you both.