Wednesday, September 05, 2018

A new chapter of hope and love.

Hi, it's Adam Lucas here from Australia. In 2012 David made my wonderful wooden wedding ring. A few years later I had him make one for my wife also.

When last we spoke, my wife and I were celebrating Christmas with her new ring, and our new baby!! I think I may have even sent through some of those photos to you, all that time ago.

Since then life has been crazy!! We have had our second child, which resulted in some severe health problems for Kelli my wife during childbirth. This resulted in us having to move 400km to Brisbane, Australia for her continued care. We only arrived back home in our coastal town of Bundaberg in March of this year. It has been a very rough 2 years but thankfully has ended with a wonderful result of a great recovery for her and the resumption of our normal family life.

During her health battles, as mentioned, we had to leave our family home for almost 2 years. During this time away I lost my beloved wedding ring, but did not stress as I had bigger things to worry about!!!

But in a tearjerking touch of fate, I managed to be reunited with my ring in the most amazing circumstances. After witnessing the miracle that saw my wife unexpectedly recover and my family being allowed to return home, I went into our bedroom in our family home the day we moved back in and found my wedding ring sitting on a bedpost, where I had absent-mindedly left it during a fly-by-night trip back home to collect belongings for my wife's prolonged hospital stay. This was such a beautiful moment and was a symbol of our 'new' marriage and our life re-starting in a new chapter of hope and love.

Adam's 2012 Touch Wood Ring. 
Black Walnut, Eucalyptus inlay bordered by Greyed Maple
and lined with Clear Juniper

So, the reason for my writing is that I have decided that to mark this gorgeous occasion, I would like to send my ring back for some fine tuning if I may. I would love to have it sized down to an Australian size 11 if that is at all possible (I believe it is a 12 at present) and for it to be re-varnished/lacquered if possible. I have lost a fair bit of weight since my wedding day 6 years ago, and would love to get the ring on board with my new figure!!

How might I proceed with this request, and is it possible to make the changes I would like? I am, of course, happy to pay for whatever expenses this incurs.

I hope this story of your wonderful work becoming such a symbol of our marriage was worth me telling, I thought of you both often when wearing my ring these past few months. You truly made a little piece of magic that has survived more than I ever intended to put it through!

Thanks, guys, love to you both.

Adam Lucas

Want to watch something totally uplifting?  Here is a link Adam shared to the Today show story on Australian national morning news.